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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Opteum Brand Builders may just be the answer you are looking for. We started our boutique advertising agency after over 6 years of struggling to generate leads and prospects for our own business through digital marketing and advertising. How did we go from working all day and all night responding to “looking for recommendations” on FB and the twenty different groups we were on locally for each suburb? We stopped…we stopped everything on social media and search altogether.  

Opteum Brand Builders

A serious retooling was necessary for us to go on any longer.  Advertising was over $35,000 per month, yea we were bringing in revenue to support that much in advertising, but my partner and I weren’t making the money we should have been for working that hard every day. I stepped back from the daily grind of answering the phone, booking the appointments and heading out to the current jobsite. I then studied everything I could learn about advertising on social media and search engines. I discovered a perfect storm that worked for me and my company, then I scaled it to work in my two favorite industries. Air duct cleaning and roofing. That’s it, two industries and no more than one of each in a geographical region.  


Our plan is simple, we put out high converting posts on your social media accounts, track visitors to your website and continue to promote your service to those visitors after they visit your page. Those that do not convert immediately have a high rate of future conversion as our ads will stay in their feeds and searches. We don’t just do social, we do search as well.

We also don’t rely on gimmick advertising, fake give-aways or other garbage promotions. Although you may run a contest or competition that provides a free service to your customers, we do not rely solely on this type of marketing and advertising to generate your leads. 
We also do not promise you a conversion rate on leads. We know we can produce them; you have to close’em! That’s also why our service does not have an extended contract term. We will continue to earn your business month after month. Our first and only contract is 90 days (Rome wasn’t built in a day). After that, it’s month to month. We keep you happy and full of leads, you keep paying for our service.
What we hear more often than “I want to cancel” is, “slow this down please, I have too many appointments”. Scale…. Everything can be scaled.

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…it's time to scale up your business and grow. Get another van/truck, hire another crew. 

What we did to keep up was hire an office manager to handle all the incoming calls, billing and scheduling. Next, we hired a sales crew and fed them leads every day. Now I was managing two people, a sales manager who managed a sales team and an office manager who managed most everything else including the crew. Take a guess how much of my time was now required at the office... very little. 

A couple of phone calls a week and the occasional pop in to let them know I'm still actively engaged.  You'd be surprised how much your staff will enjoy working for you when you aren't working 15 hours a day and stressed out. My home life improved, my children began to see a difference and I was back to being the person I envisioned I would be as a kid. 

The bottom line is this; we all need to focus on what we are best at. If you are an amazing salesperson… spend your time selling. If you are a great service tech, then get out there and provide amazing service. We are focused on providing you the opportunity to get out in front of your customer base.


We will only accept one client in your industry per geographical location so now is the time to partner with us before your competitors find out about us. 

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